Sarah Jeffries

Advanced Preferred Real Estate Agent

Saint Louis, Missouri

41 Years Old

7 Years of Real Estate Experience

Specializes in 500K-750k Homes

Sarah Jeffries

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Brand Statement

Sarah Jeffries is the premier real estate broker dedicated to serving the real estate needs of the greater Saint Louis Missouri area. Sarah has 7 years of experience in Real Estate. Whether you are looking to buy, sell, or lease Sarah will give you the full dedication you deserve and put you in the home of your dreams. Sarah is a dedicated team member of Advanced Preferred Realty.


Sarah will do $7 million in sales or 25 transactions in 2019 and is on the way to that goal. That amount of transactions requires a substantial amount of work and a well maintained online presence. Cultivate will maintain an online presence for Sarah through branded content in line with her sales objective.

Target Audience

Home buyers and sellers in the greater Saint Louis Missouri area. Sarah's home target range is from $500-750k and has active listings above seven figures.

Brand Presentation




Brand Voice





Sarah Jefferies is knowledgeable and approachable. She has over 20 years experience in sales and is dedicated to her clients. She has a wealth of experience and knows what is important in life.

Marketing Initiatives

  • Listing Highlights: Execute listings across social channels according to platform best practices to maximize exposure to potential buyers.

  • Customer Testimonials: Video testimonials from past clients that show Sarah’s commitment and hard work for his clients. We will begin creating videos from Zillow reviews and can expand into video footage from actual clients.

  • St Louis Highlights: Photo/Video content featuring the unique aspects of the greater St Louis area.


  • Day In The Life: Capture content to give a behind the scenes look at what goes into life as a high producing agent. We will request photos from Sarah for this initiative.


  • Blog Posts: Repurpose content from the Advanced Preferred Realty blog to create consistent content across channels.

  • Company Values: Photo series featuring Sarah Jeffries values; defining who she is and why it should matter to homebuyers and sellers.

  • Home Feature Highlights: Highlight features within current listings. The emphasis will be on the feature, not the listing so posts do not appear sales oriented.

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