Why Social Media Is Important For Realtors

Social media grew tremendously over the past decade, fundamentally changing the way people use it. Social media is no longer just a platform for people to connect with each other. Rather, it is now a platform for companies and celebrities to connect with their customers and fans.

Thanks to its unique ability to help people connect, social media is now an essential asset for every form of business, including for realtors.

Social Media for Realtors

A good realtor has a strong network of connections, contacts, and referrals to help them get the best deals (and inside scoops). Moreover, any realtor worth her salt should communicate with customers or clients effectively. Not to mention, you have to convince people to trust you. In other words, it would not be wrong to say that as a realtor your biggest asset is not knowledge, rather it is communication, something social media can help you with.

Before the age of Facebook, Twitter, and the likes, a realtor would have to build their brand and relevance in the market in person, on the phone, or through the mail. This would make the overall process of finding new clients and creating a web of resources and contacts challenging and tiring.

However, with the help of social networks, realtors can create a large web of contacts and clients with ease. Realtors can build and advertise their brand as well as communicate with their clients and contacts, all with a push of a button.

Show, Don’t Tell

While not boasting or showing off, you can use LinkedIn and other platforms to share your accolades and achievements. Using Facebook and Instagram, you can easily promote and build your brand and show all of the advantages of using your services.

Advertising campaigns with testimonials and short films are effective at conveying the right message. You can also tease potential clients with the properties in your portfolio along with all of its bells and whistles.

A social media presence for a realtor greatly opens up a large array of possibilities and is also a great way for them to reach potential customers. As of 2018, Facebook has 2.32 billion active users. This means that regardless of the demographics you are targeting, you can reach your target audience on Facebook. Even if marketing is not your main objective, you can have personalized, open communication with any client or reference.


There is more to social media than just making friends. You can reach potential clients, convert them into leads, and lure them into your sales funnel. With effective communication and exposure, you can reach your audience and build your brand as a realtor. As a realtor, social media is possibly your greatest asset, provided you can leverage its potential to the fullest. The bottom-line is that social networking platforms offer you the smoothest and most convenient way to get your message across to your target audience!


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