What is a Realtor's Brand and Why does it Matter?

March 6, 2019



All organizations, regardless of their sector, aim to create a strong brand to target their potential customers. In its essence, a brand is who you are. This includes everything from the way you speak, the name or icon that helps distinguish you from your rivals or competitors in the market, down to the way that your listing photos look. A brand is important for every organization, especially a real estate agent because people trust you with the biggest transaction of their lives.


Having a brand that can make your customers think of you is what really matters if you are a realtor. Ask yourself, how are you supposed to create brand loyalty without having a captivating brand that can instantly capture potential client’s attention?



1. Creating Goodwill

Of course, creating a brand is hard. This is because it involves things like choosing a color theme, and a writing font which can consume a significant amount of time. But once you are done you are likely to form a strong image of your real estate business.


Imagine the goodwill it will bring to your company. How about printing you realtor brand name on letterheads and visiting cards instead of your name? This all can highly impact the way people think of your company. 





Strong brands are easily recognizable. You have probably heard of “Century 21”, a real estate company working since 1971 in the United States. Surprisingly, such brands are hard to create. Besides, it took more than 40 years for this company to become recognizable in the industry, but the goodwill it has added to its brand is going to pay off for the foreseeable future.


2. Easy to Recall

Having a brand matters significantly, especially if you are in a business that need referrals and positive feedbacks to grow, which is the case with a real estate business. Branding works well to create a loyal customer base that look forward to your services in future.




If your customers have a good experience with you, it is likely that they might refer your services and come back for future business as well. Strong branding makes customer want to remain with the business. Of course, remembering a brand name is easier than individual names.



3. The Power of Advertising

Even if you are working as a single real estate professional or providing consultation associated with it, a brand can still play an effective role in making your services recognizable. Strong brand identity can matter as it helps you drive more clients with better advertising and marketing.




Branding can serve as a backbone as it helps customers recall your services whether they are advertised through pamphlets, or e-mail marketing, etc.


4. Building a Strong Bond with

your Customers

For any real estate business, creating a strong bond with your customers can serve as a long term source of revenue. Well, this is what a brand does. Having a strong brand is a result of effective marketing and advertising.




With lack of a branding strategy a company is likely to face hardships to communicate their nature of business, especially if they are working in the real estate industry that constantly needs potential advocates.



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