Social Media Trends for Realtors in 2019

March 14, 2019



We constantly need to improve ourselves in order to progress in life. That means that as realtors, we need to keep an eye on the innovative trends that can have an impact on social media marketing. You will notice almost all the best realtors adopting the three innovations mentioned below.


Empathy as an Art Form

You must be wondering where empathy came from in social media trends. Your concerns are correct. It’s not entirely a new concept, although where realtors are concerned, it is.


We get so engrossed in reaching target numbers and the designated quota of sales that we forget about the customer. We don’t question why a person really needs our service. Think from the perspective of your client: out of all the options, why did she choose you?


We definitely would never stop her from engaging us; whether it’s really beneficial for her or not. This trend is getting an overhaul in 2019, as the best realtors are realizing that empathy is the key to build ultimate trust in their brand. In the short term, it may seem like you’re losing potential customers but in the long haul, this pays off big.



Connect on a Personal Level

We might all have read through Facebook comments and interacted to some degree with our followers on social media platforms. Realtors might say they have connected with their audience in this way, but it’s pretty superficial. Engaging on a deeper level creates real connections. Show your followers what it’s really like to be a real estate agent by giving them a behind the scenes look. If you share your troublesome beginnings, and the setbacks you experience through the journey, your followers will recognize that you’re being genuine and that’s how real connections are made.


You might take it as something to boast off. But instead, people love stories. Stories concerning the struggle of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, are rampant in the corporate world. Perhaps, your potential clients will be more inclined to reach out to you by seeing your dedication to the real estate market and what you go through. By making your content personal, you increase the chances of really connecting with people.



Heavily Engage With Audience to Generate Leads

Digital media can have peoples’ attention like a whacky idea. As realtors, one should focus on engagement of their audience. This can either be via paid marketing or organic methods. Let  people know about you in every possible way you can. Don’t restrict your content to the same disingenuous, canned content that other realtors are using.   


Do anything and everything; whether it seems little. Use gifs, emojis and value-added content to grasp your potential client’s attention. As a matter of fact, not all humans sitting behind the screen are same. Some may take images of your listings as a great marketing effort. Whereas, a millennial might find emojis more touching. If someone responds to your content, engage with them and use it as an opportunity to start a conversation. When the conversation is genuine, more conversations are likely to follow.




The social media trends for 2019 are centered around showing your personal side. That is how you’ll create genuine connections that will lead to future conversations. As the real estate markets boom across the country, creating strong brand awareness with an emphasis on personal connections will bring people to you, not only for their real estate needs but because of who you are as a person.



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