5 Ways for Realtors to Build Their Brand on Instagram

April 2, 2019



Instagram is quickly becoming one of the most important platforms for realtors. With its increasing popularity, building a brand to penetrate the market has become quite competitive. For realtors, this is not just about uploading some pictures of a house for sale; rather, it is about building a successful brand. It involves starting conversations with your followers and building a potential client base.


For any realtor reaching their potential customers without a sizeable following can be quite tough. When potential clients look you up, having a professional, well followed profile makes you look like a realtor that can be trusted with the largest transaction of most people’s lives. Here are some ways a realtor can build a strong brand on Instagram.





One of the most important things for growing your realty brand on Instagram is consistency. You need to be active and post consistently. If a potential client looks at your Instagram profile and your last post was in 2016, it means you don’t take your brand seriously and they won’t either. You should be posting on Instagram at least once a week. If you’re not sure what to post on Instagram, we’ll give some suggestions below.


For a strong brand, a captivating color and theme that are easily recognizable and consistent can play an important role in developing a strong brand. Large retailers and manufacturers stick to a few colors, writing styles and templates to maintain a consistent look and feel for their target customers. For a realtor, choosing and sticking to a defining theme that echoes with the brand strength and values can significantly help build a strong brand.




Recurring Themes

Coming up with recurring content themes making creating content and being consistent much easier. Recurring themes can guide your activities and reduce the burden it takes to have a strong brand on Instagram. Coming up with three themes is all you need to do to get started.


Content is always great, especially videos. In fact, on Instagram great videos can likely incline potential clients  to visit your profile. After all, it’s all about lead generation through various platforms.


How about live streaming your client’s reaction upon entrance in their new house? You can do that everytime you sell a listing. Having that theme in mind means you’ll be ready to record the experience every time you sell a listing and it makes content creation part of your routine. You could do “A Day in the Life of a Realtor,” and document the behind the scenes of being a realtor. Some other easy themes are “Just Listed” or “Just Sold.”  Everytime you list or sell a home, post it on your Instagram. Everything you do is an opportunity for content, so come up with themes to make it easier on yourself. If you consistently use these themes, you are likely to get higher engagements, tags, and comments by your followers.



The Art of Hashtags

Hashtags are how people outside of your following discover your brand. They are the best way to attract visitors to your profile and posts. For maximum impact and reaching potential clients, hashtags can play a vital role in the real estate business. However, one should make sure that the hashtags they are using are relevant to business and posts. No one likes spamming and it can even turn off your potential customers.


Ideally, posts should contain 3-5 relevant hashtags. #realestate is a general hashtag that realtors should use but it needs to be combined with more specific hashtags that can lead to meaningful conversations to be effective. Use the name of the market you’re working in combined with real estate, such as #dallasrealestate and you’re starting to become dangerous. Chances are that there are very few realtors using the neighborhood hashtag that you’re targeting, so if you consistently use that hashtag, you’ll be the realtor that becomes associated with that neighborhood. Using your brand hashtag can remarkably improve your recognition in the market and associate your brand with the other hashtags that you consistently use. For example, if you're with Advantage Preferred Realty and just posted a new listing in the Timberbrook neighborhood in Dallas, these are the hashtags you should use at the end of your post:`








You’ll need to experiment with variations of these suggestions but this general Instagram hashtag strategy is how the biggest real estate producers grow their brand.


Get on Board with Instagram Stories

Using Instagram stories to attract your potential customers can be quite effective. How about putting some behind-the-scenes work a realtor needs to perform? Some may be surprised by the paperwork, documentation and the contractual requirements it takes to successfully conduct a real estate transaction. Regular updates to Instagram stories can provide a way for people to look into your work and lifestyle, which is likely to increase your post interaction and engagement.




Interact with Others

Interaction with your followers can truly exceed your potential client base. This includes interactions in the forms of comments, messages and even reaction on stories. In addition, spending time with your followers and talking about real estate services or briefing them about their listings can play a vital role in building your brand and generating potential leads on Instagram. It is likely that with community interaction and engagement you can build brand recognition much faster.












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