How to Get Leads on Social Media

April 5, 2019



With the increased prevalence of social media in the recent past, how you market your business has changed considerably. Our everyday lives are part of a digital world and business is increasingly conducted in that digital world. You don’t need a physical location to execute contracts or make sales anymore. As a result, businesses are now competing to build an online presence. The best realtors have taken note and are utilizing social media to get leads and start more conversations.


Above all, recent surveys suggest that many potential customers use social media and online sites to purchase their new home. Generating leads has become a core part of sales in any industry and the real estate industry has its own challenges in an online environment. Comparing different properties, providing consultation, and the way you meet the needs of your customer, might affect your client base in the future. Here are some ideas a realtor can use to generate successful leads to convince his or her potential visitors.


Add Reviews & Feedback

Why not begin with something that can attract your visitors? How about adding reviews from your previous clients? Well, every testimonial counts. Realtors can use their website or social media pages to convey feedback from their clients.


An agency with positive reviews is likely to generate more leads than its counterparts. This can also potentially attract referrals for your next appointment. In many cases, testimonials are a great way to show real world validation that someone should trust you with their real estate needs. If you make asking for a testimonial something you do with every buyer and seller, it becomes part of business as usual and you can use those testimonials as social media content.


Give Something For Free

Well, the word “Free” grabs attention on its own. As per recent search engine analyses the word “Free” is commonly used to generate more leads. Anything you do for free is not for nothing, it’s something that you can give away in exchange for a lead. Getting in touch with your potential customers can help realtors generate more leads for their business. After all, free stuff is hard to resist and is how you start the conversations that lead to business.


How about offering free online consultation or giving a free market valuation for an individual’s property? You could offer a home buying or selling guide that someone can download for free if they enter their information. If you are making social media posts about what you’re offering and including strong calls to action, you’ll see the leads start rolling in.




The Charm of Videos

Video rules social media. With hi-resolution cameras on everyone’s phone, many buyers are virtually touring houses long before they start talking to a realtor. In fact, including video on your social media channels that direct viewers to your website can notably increase leads and can make your potential clients happy. Why would someone go through dozens of pictures that might not even provide a clear view?


In addition, and as per current trends, many realtors are using hi-resolution videos to attract their clients. Videos are highly being used by real estate profiles to generate leads. In other words, a great video can even play an important role in retaining your organic visitors.



Call to Action

Calls to action are simply how you encourage someone to take action. Calls to action are how you take the attention you generate on social media and turn it into business. Calls to action need to be clear and concise. In the example below, The listing photos capture the viewer's attention and the

“🏠 →” is the call to action that directs the attention to the website.




It’s necessary to have a call to action if we want to generate a lead from a post. They should be included as much as possible, especially if they are clear and concise. Call to action refers to catchy phrases that can quickly prompt a user’s response. Many social media pages and websites use call to actions to increase user’s interest in their services.


For realtors phrases, such as “Getting your new house is one click away” or “Take a virtual tour” can significantly increase leads. Make sure to include a clear call to action in the posts you make! 




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