When Should A Realtor Use Emojis?

April 12, 2019



Emojis are everywhere. For realtors, emojis can significantly help the audience understand the message. How about using homes and building emoticons in your promotional campaigns? Of course, the young generation is becoming more adaptive to posts coming with emojis.


An emoji is a simple graphic that conveys a shared meaning. They are used by younger generations in texts and on social media. They are increasingly becoming part of our vocabulary. So much so that the California Association of Realtors have created their own dedicated real-estate themed keyboard on the App store, in response to their common usage. Emojis can be handy for realtors in many ways.


Helps To Make Advertisement Easy

To Read

You need to be concise on social media. Utilizing emojis to replace words or add emphasis are highly effective strategies to target millennials. A well placed emoji can let younger buyers know that they can identify with you, increasing your potential buyer base. They have the power to communicate a lot in a little and keeping your social media posts brief and to the point can increase exposure and engagement.


Beat The Competition

Better Homes and Gardens published a great emoji guide that realtors can benefit from. Check it out here. Make sure that the emojis you use reflect who you are as a realtor. If you're a professional, use professional emojis. There are lots of emojis that can signify the importance of your work. We all might be the best realtor but are we the type of realtor that wants to stay up with the times? That’s up to you.


Realtors can easily beat the competition in the industry when it comes to emoji marketing. Emojis could be a competitive advantage if your rivals are not using them.

Calls To Action

Emojis are a great way to express a call to action. A clear call to action should accompany every post. If you use phrases like, “Sign up here” or “Go to this link” it can flag social media exposure algorithms that the post is for sales purposes and impact the number of people that see it. Instead of writing it out, try using an arrow to call people’s attention to the call to action. It’s subtle but much more impactful.




As a realtor, you need to be aware of the emojis you are choosing to market your services. Be selective in the emojis you use and make sure that they reflect your brand. Emojis are a great way to attract younger buyers and let them know that you are the type of realtor they should use. They are also a great way to draw attention to calls to action. When well thought out, emojis are a great part of social media marketing strategy for realtors.




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