Why Great Social Media Content Sells For Realtors

April 23, 2019



Your content marketing strategy paves the way for future business growth. Realtors need to be posting great content on social media if they want to their social media to be effective. If a realtor uses their social media as a dumping ground for junk content, there is zero chance that it will start a conversation. Zero chance.


If a realtor is posting links to automatically generated blog posts and nothing is resulting from it, they can’t expect that posting more of the same will have any effect. The metrics that are available on social media will instantly tell you if what you are doing is effective. If you are continuously posting the same thing and it isn’t getting any engagement (likes, comments and shares), that is a good indication that you need to post something else. This is where great content comes in.


Great content is content that is relevant and engaging. Everything you post should be relevant and engaging. Imagine yourself in the shoes of the people that follow you on social media. As you scroll through your feed, what catches your eye? What do you stop on and interact with? The posts that are relevant to you are what you stop on. If they inspire to interact with them, they can be considered engaging.



What Makes a Post Relevant

Relevance simply means that the content is appropriate for your audience. As people scroll through their feeds, they like to stop on what they know and like. For many people this means their family and friends or something involving their interests.  


There is lots of content that is readily available for real estate agents to post on social media but most of this content isn’t relevant to your audience. Always think from the perspective of your target audience. Most of your audience probably isn’t the market to buy a home at the exact time you make a post, but if you’ve built a relationship with them, that relationship is the basis of relevance. If they see someone they know online, familiarity means relevance.



What Makes a Post Engaging

An engagement is an interaction on social media, so an engaging post is one that people interact with. This can be a click, a like, a comment or a share. Your primary motivation for posting relevant content is to increase engagement so you can generate leads. Engagement is a necessary step to creating conversations that lead to sales.


Creating engaging posts means that they are interesting enough to inspire interaction. The easiest way to get people to interact is a call to action that elicits a response. Try asking a question that someone can respond to in a comment. We’ve all seen the posts with questions that go unanswered, so make sure you involve relevant and interesting content. The more creative and personal you are, the better.




Although search engines have a huge impact on funneling traffic to your brand, if you are not focusing on providing relevant and engaging content, you are harming your business. As a realtor, the more relevant and engaging your content, the higher your chances are to increase leads and convert them to potential clients.





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